Looking after someone

Caring can be very stressful but you are not alone. At any one time in Oxfordshire, over 60,000 people are providing unpaid care for a family member, friend or neighbour. It is very important that you take time to look after yourself while you are caring for someone else.

You may not see yourself as a 'carer' - you see yourself as a son, daughter, partner, friend or neighbour. But if you regularly support and care for someone who could not manage without you then you are a carer and there is help available to support you to carry out this vital work.

More information and advice is available on the Carers Oxfordshire pages. See more information about getting help with a carer's assessment. You can discover events and support for carers on the Carers Oxfordshire calendar

More information and advice about respite is available on the County Council website.

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