How to make this site more accessible

Some tips and guides to get you started if you're having problems using Live Well Oxfordshire.

Navigating around the site

Wherever you are in the site, you can click the ‘Home’ tab on the top left side of the light green menu bar to get back to the homepage.

You can also click on the Oxfordshire County Council logo if you wish to go back to the home page of our public website.

As you navigate through the site, you'll see a horizontal line of links just below the green header. This is known as a "breadcrumb" trail, and shows whereabouts on the website you are. Use these links to find your way back up the website structure.

Changing the appearance of the site

Can't read the site clearly? At the top of the page there are some options to make the site easier to read:

Change the size of the text   

You can change the size of the text by selecting a larger or smaller ‘A’ in the header bar at the top of the page. This will make all of the text in the site bigger or smaller to suit you.

Change the colours and contrast   

If you want to change the colours or the contrast of the site so that you can see the content more clearly, select one of the ‘C’ icons in the header bar at the top of the page. This change the colours of the page so that text and other items stand out more clearly.
Our website supports other methods you may use to make websites more clearly visible (such as making all your fonts large or using your own stylesheet). 

Making web pages easier to read

The BBC have an excellent series of guides about how to change your computer settings to make things easier to read. BBC accessibility guides.

Access keys

Access keys are for people who use a keyboard instead of a mouse or pointing device to navigate web pages. They allow you to skip to pages or parts of pages using keyboard shortcuts.

In Windows, press ALT and the key listed below, followed by ENTER. On a Mac, press CONTROL and the key listed below, followed by ENTER.

This website uses the following access keys, which follow UK Government recommendations:

Access key S - Skip to content

Access key 1 - Home page

Access key 2 - News

Access key 3 - Site map

Access key 4 - Search

Access key 6 - Website help

Access key 7 - Complaints

Access key 8 - Terms and conditions

Access key 9 - Website feedback