Live Well Oxfordshire User Guide

This information is aimed at people using Live Well Oxfordshire to browse and find services for themselves or their loved ones. It explains how to use the different features of Live Well Oxfordshire and what you should expect to find on the site.

How to search for services on Live Well Oxfordshire

There are different ways to find the information you need on Live Well Oxfordshire. How you choose to do it may depend on whether you already have a good idea of what you want, or if you simply want to browse for inspiration.

Using the keyword search

If you already know the type of service that you’re looking for, or even the name of the service provider that you want, you can use the search box on the home page to search for key words (see Fig. 1). Once you hit ‘Go’, it will return all of the services that match your key word.

If you want to make your search more local you can enter your postcode or area (see Fig. 1) before clicking on ‘Go’.  Or you can use the ‘Refine your search’ box (see Fig. 2) and enter the area you are interested in.

You can also filter your results by looking at the menu on the left of the search results (see Fig. 3). You can select by postcode, the frequency of services, who they are intended for etc.

Searching by category

You may not have a clear enough idea of what you are looking for to do a key word search. If that’s the case, or you just want to generally browse the services available, you can browse by looking at the different categories that are on the home page (see Fig. 4).

If you click on any of these boxes, they will take you to another set of sub-categories that contain services. You can simply browse the site by looking in all of the different categories until you find something of interest.

Even if you do know what you want to look for, for example some help with staying independent at home, you can browse through the categories to see what’s available. In this instance, you would look through the ‘Staying independent’ category to find something that suits.  Figure 5 shows the sub-categories under Staying independent where you could choose ‘Care at home (personal care)’ to explore services. Again, these can be filtered to make them more local for your needs.

What information will you find about services?

When you find a service that is of interest to you, you can click on it to find out more information. Every page will be different, but will typically show you the following information:

  • A description of the service provided
  • Who the service is for
  • A map of where the service is located
  • Contact details for the service, such as their website, email address and phone number

For some services, there will be additional information available. For example, care home services may indicate whether they allow pets or offer different languages.

In Figure 6 you can see an example of the information to expect for a health walk.

How can you contact a service?

We’ve asked services to provide their contact details so that you can contact them directly. As above, most services have these contact details on the right hand of their service profile pages. This will typically be their website, email address and telephone number. You can use any of these contact details to contact the service provider directly.

Want to leave feedback about a service?

For each service, there is an option to leave feedback if you have seen any errors or if something isn’t working on the page. To do this, click on the button ‘leave feedback’ located just above the map.

When you click on that button, a box will pop up asking you for your name, email address and the feedback you would like to provide (see Fig. 7).

When you complete this and select ‘send feedback’, this will be sent to Affinity Works who look after Live Well Oxfordshire. They will endeavor to fix anything that isn’t working on the page, or they may pass on the feedback to the service provider concerned if there is any incorrect information. They may also provide this to Oxfordshire County Council for information. The feedback will not be published on Live Well Oxfordshire.

How you can use shortlists

If you want to create a shortlist of services you’re interested in for later reference, you can use the ‘add to shortlist’ button on the service profile pages (see Fig. 8) or the search results (see Fig. 9). When you click that button, the service will be added to your shortlist.

You can view your shortlist at any time by clicking on ‘My shortlist’ at the top of the page.

The shortlist does not stay in place for very long. If you would like to keep saved services for longer, see ‘How you can use favourites’ below.

How you can use favourites

To save services as ‘favourites’, you will need to log-in as a user of Live Well Oxfordshire. If you have not already registered, you will need to do this before being able to set up favourites.

Once you have logged in, you can save services for later reference by making them a ‘favourite’. This is like a short-list, but it is permanent and you can add/remove services as you wish from your favourites list.

To see your favourites list, click on ‘my favourites’ at the top of the page (see Fig. 10). Remember that you need to be logged in to be able to see your favourites.

Sharing your shortlist and favourites

You can share the list of services you have saved in your shortlist or favourites by email or via social media (see Fig. 10). If you have selected services you would like someone else to see, you can click on the email icon and the recipient will receive an email with a link which will open up the services you have saved. This can be very handy if you are searching for services for someone else or if you are sign-posting a service user.

Want to suggest a service that should be on Live Well Oxfordshire?

While we have made every effort to make Live Well Oxfordshire as comprehensive as possible, there will be services out there which are not on the site, or could have more information. We welcome suggestions for new services so that we can make the site as comprehensive as possible for Oxfordshire residents.

If you know of a service and would like us to add it to Live Well Oxfordshire, you can go to ‘suggest a service’ (see Fig. 11) on the Live Well Oxfordshire menu. On this page is a form that you can fill out to notify us of a service that should be added to the site (see Fig 12).

Once we’ve received this, we’ll try and get all the information we need to add that service to the site.