Oxfordshire’s libraries are “thriving – not just surviving”. That was the verdict of Libraries Minis

(Published on 24/02/2018)

The newly refitted facility welcomed more than 100 guests including staff, volunteers and community groups who have helped ensure the county’s 43 branches have a bright future.
The newly refitted Oxfordshire County Library features 70 public computers, a ‘Makerspace’ for community activities and a bigger and better children’s library.
It serves as a 'front door’ for people to access wider council services and there is also support for anyone needing help to get online.
The council’s Cabinet Member for Cultural Services Lorraine Lindsay-Gale said: "This library is the hub that coordinates the services in a network of 43 libraries across the county. We want our libraries to be seen and used as dynamic focal points for the people they serve, bringing people together and helping to cement a true sense of place.
"I am proud of the fact that Oxfordshire has kept all its libraries open and this could not have been done without working in partnership with communities. The hard work and commitment of Friends Groups has been instrumental and I need to thank them all."
Please see the Oxfordshire County Council website to read more about the opening of Oxfordshire County Library.