Further funding available through innovative online grant-giving platform

(Published on 30/05/2018)

Oxford City Council has made a further £10,000 of small grants available for local charities and community groups through the innovative online matching platform The Good Exchange.

Following a successful pilot earlier this year, the City Council will offer further grants of up to £1,000 through the second round of its 2018 Small Grants Scheme on the platform.

Grants will be available to organisations based in Oxford that promote equality, community cohesion, healthy living, or that tackle poverty and deprivation.

Local charities and community groups can apply for the grants via The Good Exchange website. Those that meet the criteria will be automatically matched and shortlisted to the City Council. In addition, their application will be matched to all other eligible grant givers on the platform, cutting the time taken to apply for grants and eliminating the need for multiple applications.

The Good Exchange, a charity-owned, non-profit, social platform also provides charities and community groups with the ability to manage fundraising events and public donations.

All applications for the City Council’s Small Grants Scheme 2018 – Second Round, which is now open, should be made through The Good Exchange. Applications will be decided upon by the City Council as they come in, so charities and community groups are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date, 1 March 2019, or once the funding has been fully allocated, if earlier.

For more information about eligibility criteria for funding please visit www.thegoodexchange.com and search for Oxford City Council’s Small Grants 2018 – Second Round funding scheme.