Calling all knitters - The Big Knit is back!

(Published on 24/01/2019)

Age UK Oxfordshire

Every hat is important, and anyone can learn to knit, so whether you knit one or loads, you will be making a difference. Age UK Oxfordshire receives 25p for every hat knitted. This year the target is 25,469 knitted hats!

Whether you're new to casting on or already know your garter from your stocking stitch, it's easy to get started. You'll also be part of the huge knitting team helping us to reach such a monumental target for a great cause.

1. Get your knitting materials out 
Get yourself some needles, wool and your favourite chair (train carriages and cafes also work well) and get knitting! If you need some inspiration, you can download these knitting patterns. Further knitting patterns can be found on the Innocent Big Knit website
2. Send us your hats
Package up your lovely hats and please drop off or send to:

The Big Knit
Age UK Oxfordshire
9 Napier Court
Barton Lane
OX14 3YT

Make sure you also give us your name and address so we know who to send a thank you to!

What happens next?
The deadline for the 2018/19 Big Knit is July 2019 so our postbox is ready and waiting for your little hats!

Keep an eye out for the little hats to appear on Innocent Smoothies across the country in October 2019.

If you have any questions or want to find out more information, please contact us at or telephone 07827 235 405.