Oxfordshire Volunteer Befriending Service


Volunteers will offer carers a regular weekly or fortnightly break from their caring role, by staying with the person they care for.  This break will be approximately between 2 – 3 hours. 

If a short break is what a carer needs to help them manage their caring role, to avoid disappointment, they need to be aware of the limitations of the befriending service.

Limitations of service:
1.	As there are a limited amount of volunteers in the county, carers should be informed that there MAY be a possibility of a volunteer.
2.	Volunteers do not:
A) Administer medication
B) Lift or move the cared for person
C) Carry out personal care

If there IS a volunteer available in the area:
1.	The co-ordinator will undertake an assessment of the carers and the person they care for.  *In the instance where there is challenging behaviour, The Volunteer Coordinator will assess the viability of placing a volunteer, under H & S regulations. 
2.	This will be followed by an introduction to a suitable volunteer.  Hopefully this will result in a successful befriending situation.
3.	Volunteers can make a cup of tea and help with lunch.
4.	Carers will be required to sign an agreement between them, the volunteer and the service provider.

If there is NO volunteer available in the area:
1.	The carer will be put on a waiting list.
2.	When a volunteer becomes free an assessment will be undertaken.

Service Details

Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire, OX1
Service Type:
Services for carers
this is a free service
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Opening times:
9am - 5pm
Wheelchair accessible:
Services intended for:
  • Carers

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This page was last updated on 01 February 2018

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